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UAHT's Textbook Rental Program is located in the Rapert Library Complex on the Hope campus.


All-or-none: Students must “opt in” or “opt out” of the textbook rental program by renting all or none of their books for the semester from UAHT.

Cost$20 per credit hour plus tax per semester.

Example: 3-hour course x $20 = $60 + tax $5.70 = $65.70

for all the textbooks you need for that 3-hour course.


Students can rent and return their books on either campus.


Students may pay for their books with their financial aid.


UAHT ID number is required to rent textbooks.


Textbooks must be returned by the last day of finals week of the semester they were rented. Textbooks are rented by semester and students will be charged late or not returned fees if textbooks are not returned in good condition by the last day of finals week.

  • Late fees are $15 per book.
  • Students are charged $65 per book for damaged and unreturned books.